They flee to the carabinieri: nineteen year old in trouble

Three friends in trouble flee to a stop imposed by a carabinieri patrol. It happened in the center of Este in the night between 17 and 18 March. The soldiers of the Arma della Radiomobile di Este engaged in a checkpoint invited the driver of a car to stop with the paddle. The latter initially slowed down, then continued at breakneck speed.

Chase and trouble

The carabinieri did not lose heart and set off in pursuit of the fleeing vehicle. A few kilometers later the fugitives, with the carabinieri on their tails, agreed that it was better to pull over. During a search of the vehicle, a baseball bat was found in the trunk for no valid reason. The owner of the car, 19 years old from Sant’Elena, was reported for resisting a public official and possession of weapons or objects intended to offend. It is not known what the intentions of the small group of friends were, the fact is that the military activity averted possible dangerous situations.


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