They denounce that Sucre does not listen to them; continue with damage to the roof of the building

building residents Peacein Villa Norma, Juan Díaz corregimiento, reported to this medium that they have been waiting months for a response from the area deputy, Javier Sugar.

They narrated that they have sent him photos and have told him about the situations that need to be improved in this and other multi-family projects, but to dateor are taken into account.

At least in La Paz they expect support to improve the roof of the building and also require installation new luminaries for the parking area of ​​this complex.

On the other hand, they indicated that under the stairs there is a citizen who practically lives on the street and the area where he spends the night generates bad odors, which is why they ask for social welfare help from both the Community Board of Juan Díaz as well as the Panama City Hall to address this issue.


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