They carry out the third day of the 2023 Basketball Super League

This Monday the third day of the Basketball Super League took place with a total of two games between Brillantes del Zulia and Piperos del Zulia.

In the account of the social network Twitter, @Brillantes_bbc, it was reported that teams had a positive ending, who dominated the match with a score of 84 points to 66.

At first, the game was even, however; As time passed, the Brillantes team dominated both sides of the field and managed to extend their advantage to leave the Pipers without options.

On the other hand, the Caracas Broncos took the victory with a score of 92-88 against Héroes de Falcón, in a duel where the Héroes were on the brink of changing the game’s history despite the considerable advantage that was in favor of the capital.

However, the team led by Néstor “Che” García managed to close the final minutes with a tough defense against Falcón’s team and achieve absolute victory.



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