“There have been vermin and vultures taking advantage of their second glory”

Luis Enrique Martínez, the former Spanish soccer coach has broken his silence with an interview with Manfredo González and David González in his program on the SER chain on Radio Gijón. The Asturian thus looked out for the first time at a means of communication since he left the Selection and he did it the day after defeat of Spain against Scotland in Glasgow (2-0), in the qualifying match for the eurocup of 2024.

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The coach warned that “I have many interview requests and they are very interesting. But you know that I am quite passionate when I work and when I stop working I try to make my life anonymous. And What happens yesterday happens and I don’t want it to seem like I’m speaking just the first day after a game that we lose. Another thing that I have done is that I do not read the Spanish press or the internet. Only English and that’s how I improve my English.”

Regarding what is said about him now, he stated the following: “They bark, then we ride. When you’re in professional football you can’t be liked by everyone or control what is said about you. And I have experience. Now I don’t know what they say nor do I care. When you are a coach you master all the information, much more than the journalist. From there you make decisions and assume the results. Fair or not. It doesn’t take away my sleep and I know what I have to do.”

Luis Enrique also spoke of his popularity on social networks: “I felt highly valued. During the sessions of streaming, which were a bomb, both me and the players received the love of the fans. It is one thing that the media sell it and another is reality. It was a very positive experiment. I do not think I’ll come back. I like to isolate myself and enjoy these moments outside of football. I don’t know if I will return soon or late to football


And when asked about the criticism of the lack of a plan B in his stage, something Iago Aspas spoke about, he was very harsh: “I know that there have been vermin and vultures taking advantage of his second glory. I am very proud of my stage and my decisions. I have faced them with the greatest responsibility. They are free debates with a total lack of information.” He confirmed that “there have been offers from national teams and teams, but I have not made any decision. I would very much like to train in England. I’m a big fan of the Premier, it’s very interesting, I’m not hiding. I will not go to any team, I want to do interesting things. I have no illusions just in case…”.

Luis Enrique. EFE

Currently I would like to take a team that can win titles and trophies. In the future to Sporting? Yes, you can. But seen what has happened to Seven Abelardo, who is a legend, it is difficult to train the team of your soul. Maybe in five or ten years I can coach Sporting. But if when the boat wobbles it throws itself into the Pitu, I last two minutes.”


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