Theiner and Caragea make Sassuolo fly

Theiner 8: Best goalkeeper of the last edition, he proves it in this first match. He trembles in the half hour on a shot from outside by the Ukrainians, is instead amazing in the 73rd minute on Pachenko’s header and repeats himself a few minutes later. He doesn’t look bad in front of the many saves from his colleague Bakus.

Ackah 6: The Gahnese boy pushes forward less frequently than his neighbor Cinquegrano, tidy and precise even if sometimes he gets distracted. (46′ Planting 7: In fact, he is the assist man of the opening goal because, in tandem with Mata, he makes the exchange that brings the ball to Caragea: decisive)

Luff 5.5: The Ukrainians create little inside the penalty area and, however, he and his partner are a little distracted in the scoring.

Henriksen 5,5: The report card could be a “copy and paste” of that of the department mate: little and good but not delicious.

Cinquegrain 7: He could have cornered the initial header, then widens, proposes, opens up, looks for the shot, attacks and defends, until his breath and legs help him he is a constant thorn in his side: annoying. (80′ Spoke SV)

Stupid 6.5: He runs, a lot and well, when he sees the goal the conclusion is always the first idea, in the second half he enters the area with timing but slams into the wall erected by the guest goalkeeper: constant. (88′ I’m raining: SV)

Forest 6.5: Game constructor of the neroverde team, more blocked than captain Mata, decisive in a defensive closure in the center of the area, he touches many balls and has many good passing lines. (80′ Line: SV)

Women 7,5: The first one to look for the goal with a nice shot from outside and then to paint on his teammate’s head, tries again from outside and finds the away goalkeeper’s gloves. In general, he is the bow that shoots arrows when there is a need to create dangerous situations for the opponent’s goal. The captain also participates in the advantage network: everywhere.

Loporcaro 6,5: A mosquito, constantly moving to the right, gives the Ukrainian goalkeeper a thrill with a cross that becomes a shot, good in the first half to jump the Ukrainian goalkeeper out but his shot is rejected on the goal line by a defender opponent. (46′ Carriage 8: He shows up with a nice left-handed in the 58th minute. He is bubbly and often accelerates, also finding a good trajectory to serve Cinquegrano: he does an extraordinary thing on control which then leads to the opening goal: match winner).

Ajayi 6: He too has a chance at the start of the match, then he fights, runs and sews up the game coming to get the ball between the lines, he disappears for some moments of the match.

Baldari 6: It can be seen intermittently then, in the 40th minute, he shoots a great shot from outside the area, tries again but with the same fate at the beginning of the recovery, always proactive (58′ Knezovic 5,5: He is rarely seen but participates in the final assault by the neroverdi)


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