The Zidane clan displays a dream with Neymar

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Announced insistently in the sights of PSG, Zinedine Zidane is the subject of much speculation as he is looking for a new challenge. And his friend Christophe Dugarry, to whom he is very close, explains that he would have loved to see him lead a certain Neymar in the selection of Brazil.

On February 17, in the columns of Le Figaro, Zinedine Zidane talked about his future and showed his desire to find a challenge as soon as possible: “ To resume remains my desire. Today, I have time and I don’t know how long it will last. I currently have time, maybe until June but it can also go very quickly “confided Zidane, of which the PSG has made a priority in the event of the imminent dismissal of Christophe Galtier.

“I would have loved him to take over Brazil”

But other options than the PSG have been discussed in recent months for Zinedine Zidanesuch as the position of coach of the Brazil. A choice that would have been ideal in the eyes of his great friend, Christophe Dugarry : « I will be clear and precise: I would have loved him to take over Brazil. Brazilians love Zidane, they have a great generation, I would have loved to see him there. The story would have been magical “says the former striker of the France team in the columns of Parisian. Clear, Dugarry would have loved to see Zidane to manage Neymar within the Selection.

“We speak very little football”

Dugarry nevertheless specifies that he made no attempt to guide the choice of Zinedine Zidane : « I didn’t tell him about it. We saw each other for a week during the holidays, we played padel, we don’t talk about that. We talk about the family, my little one who is two and a half years old, the one who will arrive, the marriage of his son. I talk very little about football with Zizou “, Continues the former Bordelais.



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