The “wish list” that Aaron Rodgers gave the Jets to sign with them

The novel between Aaron Rodgers, Packers and now Jets, had not been seen since the times of Rubí or Teresa. Some series writers would be shocked at all the new information coming out about this love triangle in the NFL.

First, Aaron Rodgers was no longer so comfortable with the Packers and prior to the 2022 season, he threatened not to return to the cheese franchise. He finally accepted, got a pretty lucrative contract and didn’t leave Green Bay.

History is repeating itself for the 2023 season, only this time, the QB won’t get any money from the Packers and since the Green Bay franchise is already a little “disgusted” with the attitude of the quarterback, they better agreed to get rid of him.

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Aaron Rodgers and Packers, a love nothing to end – Photo: Getty Images

And well, that’s when the Jets show up. The New York team tempted the Packers to put together the tradethe negotiations took place (we do not know how or what they negotiated), but the only thing missing was the approval of the always well-thought-out Aaron Rodgers.

While the negotiations between NFL franchises were taking place, the QB was in a golf tournament, in an Astrology seminar and even in a dark retreat far from everything to clear his mind and after all this, returned to consider his future.

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The Packers QB on the team bench – Photo: Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers’ requests to the Jets to include his signature in a contract with the team

Aaron Rodgers is known to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in all of NFL history, so If the Jets want it, they will not only try to convince the Packers, but also the QB with their demands.

And as expected, of course Aaron Rodgers have pretty strong demands and that they must comply so that he agrees to arrive as a new quarterback for the New York Jets.

Aaron Rodgers everything would indicate that he will dress as Jet – Photo: Getty Images

Basically, the cherub gave him a wish list to the Jets and are as follows (it is worth mentioning that they are all free agents): Randall Cobb and Odell Beckham Jr, all catchers. As well as, Mercedes Lewis, tight end.

Allen Lazard was another of the quarterback’s requests and the Jets already fulfilled it, because they signed him in free agencyalthough the only problem is that now the negotiations are going from strength to strength.

It’s not unreasonable, because Yes, the Jets need to strengthen the receiving corps and more if they manage to convince Aaron Rodgers to go with them and they also really need a tight end… the thing is, they can find better players, but these are whims of the QB because he trusts them.

AR would trade the cold of Green Bay for the Big Apple – Photo: Getty Images


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