the “what are you looking at” came to Netflix

The TyC Sports journalist, in charge of covering the Argentine National Team, starred in an advertising spot for the streaming platform.

The coronation of the Argentine National Team in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was, without a doubt, a before and after in Argentine football. For Gaston Edula journalist for the television channel TyC Sports and in charge of covering the Argentine team, the World Cup changed his life. Its coverage was very high, but there was a special moment that put it on everyone’s lips.

Argentina and the Netherlands, for the quarterfinals, fought an epic battle. She had it all. Lionel Scaloni’s team arrived 80 minutes into the game with a two-goal advantage, Lionel Messi and Nahuel Molina were their authors, but Wout Weghorst, with a double, overshadowed the tranquility.

In extra time, more was scratched than what was played, for this reason, there were several riots. As additional it is impossible not to name the painful refereeing of Mateu Lahoz. The Spaniard threw cards everywhere and generated more tension than was necessary. The match should have been decided on penalties and the Dutch, according to the Argentine players, talked too much and raised the temperature of the definition.

But the figure of Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez grew. The man from Mar del Plata, largely responsible for the third star obtained on Qatari soil, saved two penalties and was the great hero of the night.

In the post-match interview, Edul asked him some questions, neither more nor less, than Lionel Messi. And in the middle of the interview, he happened the unthinkable. The Argentine captain’s chain came loose. “What are you looking at, fool? Go there, fool”were the words that came out of the mouth of 10. The “bobo” was for Wout Weghorst, current Manchester United player.

That December 9, 2022, surely, was a break both in the professional career and in the life of Gastón Edul. First of all, he was the journalist in charge of the interview while Messi had an act that will be remembered forever. In addition, he gained greater visibility and began to be one of the most credible voices when it came to information about the National Team.

In the last few hours A Netflix commercial came out that has Gastón Edul as the main protagonist. The video puts the journalist in a situation of doubt and he asks himself the same question all the time. “What are you looking at, silly?”is that question. About the end, and in relation to the platform on which series and movies can be seen, Edul begins to name different available content and closes by saying that they ask Weight.

Bobot is a new feature that Netflix introduces. Basically, it is an immediate response bot whose task is to recommend series or movies for users who don’t know what to watch and need a guide regarding the different titles available.

Bobot, the Netflix bot.

Edul will not have imagined during his days in Qatar how far that unforgettable moment he lived with Messi could go, but now he knew how to capitalize on it. No fool, Edul.

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