The We Go Farther series, a must-see gem!

If you’re a behind-the-scenes fan of the world of golf, here’s a series you absolutely shouldn’t miss! We Go Farther immerses you in the heart of the Titleist Speed ​​Project which has made it possible to replace the drivers of the famous brand at the top of the hierarchy!

Composed of four episodes of 5 to 6 minutes, We Go Farther is designed as a real mini-series. It tells the life of the men and women of Titleist pursuing a goal for the past six years.

Six years of research culminated in the TSR driver, one of the fastest and most played drivers in the world.

A tasty first episode

Here is the first episode that explains the genesis of the famous Titleist Speed ​​Project when in 2017, Tour players began to focus on a very precise piece of data: ball speed!

Overtaken by the competition in this area, Titleist must react.

All episodes of the series subtitled in French are available for free on the Titleist France YouTube channel here!


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