The sports reader – The Châtillonnais and the Auxois

“My eye” by David Vermassen, editor.

Athletics, badminton, cycling, gymnastics, football, handball, karate, tennis, archery…

Every Thursday, in the weekly, sports fans will find all the results and invitations in our special pages.

In stadiums, in halls, in nature… each sports reader wears the colors of his club high by sharing Pierre de Coubertin’s vision (the main thing is not to have won, but to be well beaten) or by applying the Olympic motto (Citius Altius Fortius; translation Faster Higher Stronger).

In training, in competition, individually or in a team, he fully lives his passion for one or more disciplines.

First or last in the final ranking, he commands the admiration of the reader supporter for his endurance, resistance, strength, speed, flexibility, spirit of fair play…

Yes, every sports reader is truly phenomenal.

So he deserves to be in the local newspaper.

La lalala lala la lalala lala!



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