The Senior Autonomous Basketball Cup will put the culmination in Gata de Gorgos

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The 2022-2023 FBCV Cups culminate on March 4 and 5 with the celebration of the last one, the Autonomous Senior Men’s Cup. The Gata de Gorgos Municipal Pavilion, official venue of the FBCV Cups, is ready to crown the last cupbearer champion of this campaign.

The Autonomous Senior Men’s Cup, which can also be followed live on the FBCV YouTube Channel, will bring together the three group champions of the first round (BC Peñíscola Facsa, NB Paterna B, Actualia Albubasket) and the best runner-up (CB Bétera). .

The four teams will face each other through a semifinal and final knockout system, where the winner will not only be proclaimed champion, but will have everything in their favor to practically ensure promotion to the 1st Men’s Division next season.

These are the pairings:

Saturday March 4 – Semifinals
5:00 p.m. Semifinal 1. BC Peñíscola Facsa – Actualia Albubasket
7:00 p.m. Semifinal 2. CB Bétera – NB Paterna B

Sunday March 5 – Final
12:00 p.m. Semifinal Winner 1 – Semifinal Winner 2


Andrés Albiol – BC Peñiscola Facsa

For us it is a great award at different levels: on the one hand, for the players and coaching staff for the demanding work carried out during the first months of the league; and on the other, for the club and the board for the enormous effort they have been making for a long time. We must remember that it is our first season in the regional league, so being able to play in this competition can only be a reason for joy and we must enjoy it to the fullest. Regarding sports aspects, we did not arrive in the best training dynamics due to the lack of availability of players, since the last month has been very difficult in this regard. Even so, we face it with great desire and enthusiasm and we hope to give everything we have every minute that we are in the Cup. We are a team with the vast majority of young players, with a lack of experience in this type of competition, but we will make up for it with other aspects that we do have.

Óscar Martínez – NB Paterna B

In the team we are very eager and excited to play in the Cup. It is a young group with many players who combine training sessions with this team and with the Club’s first team. That youth is reflected in the commitment and in the joy that we have playing in the games. The Cup is a very attractive format in which any of the four teams can win. We hope to compete at the highest level and enjoy this tournament.

Toni Leyton – CB Bétera

We face this Autonomous Cup with the enthusiasm and illusion of a project of more than 10 years in which a strong commitment has been made to the training of our players from Baby to Senior. With such an attractive competition format proposed by the FBCV, we hope to have an exciting experience full of intense sensations. As always, we will try to give our best version with the utmost respect to all the great classified teams and that the fans of CB Bétera feel proud of their team.

Carlos Bazán – Actualia Albubasket

I am very happy to have qualified for the Cup. With Curro we put together a team of 16 players who are mostly from the Albubasket youth academy. The group is led by Romero, Rubio and Naranjo, who despite being very talented players, have the very important virtue of putting their ego aside and seeing the moment of each player in the matches. It was not easy to get to where we are, we had a downturn in December, but now we are at our best and healthy. They have gone from being a good group of players to a team that made a team. On a day-to-day basis, seeing how they help each other, how they make their teammates improve, how they make an effort… is something that makes me proud as a coach. Well, these are the things that make us where we are. The Cup is possibly the most important thing that the Club has played in its history and there is great enthusiasm in moving up to the 1st Division. It is a responsibility that we have and we assume with enthusiasm. We know that many people from the club will come to see us and we want to leave them well represented. We appreciate the full support of Cata, president, together with Don Paco, Tope and Chicho, so that we can only focus on training and playing. We hope to rise to the occasion and put on a good show in the Cup. The players are incredibly eager to play it.



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