The school final defines those selected for the Balearic Islands

Can Guerxo hosted the school judo final this Sunday with the presence of around 50 judokas from the infant and cadet categories. After the counting of points from the school league, those selected to compete on April 1st in the Balearic Championship will be the children’s Iria Sánchez, Dina Hamri, Amelie Boned, Lucía Jiménez, Adriana Ferrer, Pol Tur, Unai Gómez, Johan Medina, Telm Tur, Iván Agües, Pablo Gárrez and Toni Fernández; and the cadets María Vicent, Ingrid Soriano, Raquel Fernández, Aroa Planells, Marta Palacios, Irene Planells, Marc Vicent, Pablo Chana, Dídac Torres, Juan Guasch, Oliver Roig, Mikel Costa and Pablo García. Julia Casado and Luna Hajj, and Herbie Molyneux and Ivan Costa, the fry for kata.


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