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Interview with Mr. Yuki Saito Diamond Select “Company 2023 where you want to have a son or daughter” Special release of featured articles

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“Handkerchief Prince” Yuki Saito retired from professional baseball two years ago. He won the Koshien Championship and was named No. 1 in college in Japan, but suffered from injuries in professional baseball for many years. After his retirement, he established his own company and has taken a new second stage with the vision of “creating the future of baseball”. (Interview and text/Masashi Kamijo)

“With my own approach,
I want to return the favor.”

In 2021, former Nippon-Ham Fighters Yuki Saito, who retired from active duty, launched “Yuki Saito Co., Ltd.”. As a second career for a professional baseball player, there is the path of becoming a coach or a commentator, but Mr. Saito chose to start a business with his own name as the name of the company.

“I think coaches and commentators do a wonderful job, but I thought that I could do something different, something that I could do with my own approach. The vision of the company is to create the future of baseball. At the root of my desire to give back to the baseball world, I decided to solve the problems I felt in the baseball world.Creating an environment for the players who play baseball, and an environment for the parents who support it. , Creating an environment for the staff working there.I also want to approach that as I have had a lot of injuries in my baseball career.”

Specifically, I started by visiting the site. We visited the scene of youth baseball and listened to the opinions of parents who support their children. He actively watches sports other than baseball to learn about other sports. He also invested in a startup created by friends, a baseball gym “Knowhere” in Gaienmae, Minato-ku, Tokyo. “This gym is a members-only baseball gym where you can play baseball 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are also trying to develop a video system that uses (artificial intelligence) to prevent injuries to athletes.


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