The present of the National Team has a past

The statements of Rodrigo DePaul on the merits of the National Team that won the World Cup in Qatar 2022 had an impact on the networks and also on players who wore the light blue and white at different times in our sports history.

We can name those who created a kind of elite carpet for a technical director named Cesar Luis Menotti will create a different soccer project for our selected ones. The initial kick was the Huracán champion of 1973 with Carrascosa, Brindis, Babington, Houseman, Avallay and Houseman as banners. But the fine study of the whole panorama made Menotti detect what must be done to play a good role in a World Cup. The associated game, bold, collective and with forwards capable of converting all the goals was his goal.

The ’78 World Cup was reached due to the ability of Ardiles, Villa, Gallego, Luque and Kempes to name just a few who prevailed for leadership on and off the pitch. Lhe fall of 1982 in Spain was nothing more than the condition of possibility for Carlos Salvador Bilardo to see that the order of the game factors in this case alters the product.

It had a great artist of the most beautiful sport in the world: Diego Armando Maradona gave lectures on how to play an elite tournament. Pride and attitude to win it and the wisdom and skill that he had left over were enough for the match against England and the consecration against Germany gave a lot of cloth to cut. Maradona was not only a great soccer player but also infected his teammates, he stimulated the best of them and was a natural leader by force of claw and a lot of conviction for victory. There are many players to name but when there is an abundance, it subtracts in this one and in many cases.

Rodrigo De Paul’s statements were not naive, he tossed a coin and it’s good to pick up the glove. Of course, the triumphant National Team in Qatar 2022 had a splendid path, “ideal” Qualifiers and an epic World Cup at the pleasure, request and leadership of their coach Lionel Scaloni, who did not hesitate to put the one who was best hours away from each competition. They had their memorable matches led (Croatia, the Netherlands, France) and anthology plays such as Di María’s goal in the final after an association play that must be analyzed to understand how speed creates spaces and how a ball is controlled in that vertigo against the rival.

All this present has a past to take into account. The style of football is not achieved from one year to the next, but rather it starts many decades ago with successes and failures, extra-soccer ups and downs, and the country’s social and institutional contexts. Soccer in Qatar 2022 took a leap in quality, the passion for soccer since the beginning of the 20th century was the starting point. Hopefully the conditions are created in our football so that new winning Teams continue to come.



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