the preliminary hearing closes with adjournment to 10 May

The preliminary hearing of the Prisma inquiry into the financial statements of Juventus closes with a postponed to May 10th. The Juventus club and Ernst & Young have been cited as civilly responsible in the trial on the company’s accounts. The investigating judge Marco Picco, today in Turin during the preliminary hearing, accepted a request from some aspiring civil parties. The hearing was adjourned to May 10 to further discuss their entry into the trial. Juventus is already present among the defendants in the proceeding as a legal entity.

What happens on May 10th

On May 10, the territorial jurisdiction set by Juve’s lawyers will be discussed. The judge will express his opinion on the request of the defense to move the seat of the possible trial for territorial jurisdiction since the hypothesis of market manipulation crime would have been committed in Milan (where Piazza Affari is located) or in Rome (where the servers of the Borsa), since the black and white company is a listed company.

Ronaldo and Dybala not represented in the courtroom

Neither Cristiano Ronaldo nor Paulo Dybala were represented today in the Maxi room 2 of the Palace of Justice in Turin. Based on the material collected by the investigators, both players could claim part of the back wages from the Juventus club. The absence of their lawyers in the courtroom suggests that they do not intend to resort to criminal justice. Instead, those present included Consob and the lawyers of about thirty small shareholders and some associations, including Codacons and Siti (Italian trade union for investment protection).


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