the players do not wear the 8M bracelet

The league had raised a protest day in the fields but the federation has recommended to the soccer players that they respect the regulations of advertising

After a Women’s Day with massive demonstrations in almost all the cities of the country, the F League had organized a protest day on the weekend in the fields. The idea was that the eleven team players They wore a purple bracelet with the 8M logo. But it has not been like that on Saturday’s games.

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As explained by Liga F, The referees have not allowed the soccer players to wear the bracelet during matches. But the RFEF denies having prevented it. The federation defends that they only recommended that they respect the regulations regarding advertising. But the reality is that no brand appears, not even that of the competition itself, Finetwork. Only ‘8M’ and ‘Liga F’ appear.

Yes, a banner has been shown at the beginning of the duels in which the Finetwork brand does appear with the message “8M. For me, for you and for all”. But in the matches the soccer players They have only worn the bracelet for the warm-up and they have taken it off at the beginning of the game. Sandra Paños, the Barca goalkeeper, who wore both armbands, the club’s and the purple, in the warm-up against Levante, also took it off when the game began. Yes, coach Jonatan Giráldez left it to him throughout the match.


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