The path to the Final Four at the Camp Nou is defined

Ultimate Móstoles, Porcinos, Los Troncos, Saiyans, Kunisports, XBuyer Team, Anniquiladores and El Barrio qualify for the playoffs prior to the Estadi

Point and end to the regular season of the Kings League. Ultimate Mostoles (DjMaRiiO)Pigs (river), the trunks (Perxitate)Saiyans (Grefg)Kunisports (Agüero only)XBuyer Team (Buyer brothers)Annihilators (John Guarnizo) and the neighborhood (Adri Contreras) are the eight classified to play in the playoffs with the dream of playing in the Final Four at the Camp Nou and lifting the trophy on a historic day.

The next friday march 24 will be disputed quarter finals of the competition that will decide the four teams that will play the Final Four at the Camp Nou. On the left side of the box the matches will be played Ultimate Mostoles – The Neighborhood y Saiyans – Kunisports. On the other hand, Porcinos will play against Annihilators y Los Troncos will face XBUYER TEAM.

From these confrontations will come the four teams that will play the historic day of the next sunday march 26 at the Camp Nou. The first semifinal will be played at 5:30 pm and the second at 7:00 pm. The grand final that will decide the winner of the Kings League will be played at 21:00 hours. In addition, the day of the Final Four at the Camp Nou will feature performances by Lali Esposito, Tiago and the battle of roosters between Chuty, Bnet, SKONE and Gazir.

Summary of day 11

The last day of the winter split was as exciting as it was decisive. The first match between giants y the trunks left a clear Trunks 1–5 win that allowed them to reach third place of the classification. The team of Gerard Romero closed the season as last ranked with only one win and eleven losses.

The Ultimate Móstoles victory 2-3 against 1K kept DjMaRiiO’s team at the top of the rankings, while left Iker Casillas’ team out of the playoffs for goal difference.

Porcinos added another victory against El Barrio 5-3 and confirmed the second place in the classification. On the other hand, El Barrio finished the season in eighth place thanks to the goal difference against Iker Casillas’ team and occupied the last place in the playoffs.

The team XBUYER TEAM got the victory against Saiyans by 2-1 that allowed him to rise to sixth place and qualify for the playoffs. Saiyans, who were already classified, fell from second to fourth place after the defeat on the last day.

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With the Kunisports victory against Rayo de Barcelona by 1-4 Kun Agüero’s team remained in fifth place and secured their qualification for the playoffs. However, Rayo de Barcelona had no chance of qualifying and closed the season in the penultimate position.

The last game of the day changed the qualifiers for the playoffs. Annihiladores’ 5-2 victory against PIO allowed them to qualify for the playoffs and throw out Iker Casillas’ team. PIO, who had very few chances of qualifying, closed the season in tenth position.


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