The origin of Alejandro Irarragorri’s dart to Arturo Elías on social networks: “It seems to me that you bring other data”

“It seems to me that you bring other information, my dear Arturo Elías.” Alejandro Irarragorri, president of Sporting, responded this afternoon to Arturo Elías through his personal profile on Twitter. He did it hours after the still representative of almost 20% of Oviedo’s shareholding package pointed him out as the person responsible for “putting the technical director of the Mexican team”, Diego Cocca, implying that it was a pending favor due to business from the past. In particular, due to the frustrated attempt by Carlos Slim to gain the television rights to the matches of the Mexican national team. “Whenever you want, let’s talk and even have a round table. Does it beat you? Invite your former partner, I already invited him once to a debate and he just didn’t answer…”, wrote the president of the Orlegi board of directors. His response was retweeted even by Orlegi’s own corporate profile.

The piquilla comes from behind. Specifically from 2017. América Móvil (controlled by Grupo Carso and with Carlos Slim as the largest shareholder) and Telemundo launched an offer to acquire the television rights of the Mexican Football Federation. A marketing committee, made up of the owners of the Mexican clubs, was opened to debate and vote on the matter. Finally, it was decided that Televisa and TV Azteca would remain in charge of those rights, discarding the proposal that went hand in hand with Carso. In Grupo Carso there was talk of treason when seeing that some of the participants in that vote did not comply with their initial intention to vote. Among them, Alejandro Irarragorri. In Orlegi it was defended that this obeyed a clause that conditioned the extension of the exploitation of those rights by Televisa and TV Azteca. And from those powders, these muds.

Arturo Elías has made Irarragorri answer in networks for his statements in his last interview, granted to the Claro Sports channel. “Remember who were the ones who voted against a much higher offer than there was, an offer from América Móvil and Telemundo for the rights to the selection. Remember who were in that group: Ares de Parga one, and the other is the one that put the technical director of the selection, Irarragorri”, slipped Elías.

Irarragorri’s reply has come alluding to all this and also mentioning another tweet by Arturo Elías, in which the still blue shareholder suggested a criticism of Irarragorri himself in January last year, but without actually mentioning him. “If it’s not true, don’t say it. If it’s not yours, don’t take it. If it’s not fair, don’t do it. And if you don’t know, better shut up,” Arturo Elías wrote then.


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