The one resist in Chile

The center court of the Catholic University of Chile dressed up to host the first semifinal in the men’s draw. On one side of the track the number one, Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán; and on the other side of the 20×10, Pincho Fernandez and Jose Garcia Diestro, who debuted in a World Padel Tour semifinals.

The match started with initial surprise. Spiked and Right-handed They entered the track better and broke at the beginning at one. 3-1 for the duo from Extremadura in the early stages. Ale and Juan did not find their best paddle tennis in the first section of the clash, and their rivals punished them on the blue carpet, maintaining the advantage they had. With a break difference, Spiked and Right-handed they were made with the set by 6-4 giving the momentary chime.

The reaction of the number one in the world arrived in the second. A break at the beginning allowed them to put land in the middle as soon as they started (3-0 in their favor). This income break was going to be fundamental for the future of the second chapter. The one maintained their serve with solvency to extend the match on Chilean soil after scoring the set with a 6-3 on your side.

The game was going to the final. Equality prevailed at the beginning of the set in which both couples successfully defended their services. This would be the script of the sleeve until at the height of the seventh game, Lebron and Galan they broke the serve of Pincho and Diestro to command the score. The number one did not step on the brake, and managed to close the game in their favor with a 4-6, 6-3 y 6-4 to reach a new final.



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