The numbers of the first phase and what to expect from the second phase

The sale of the three-session packs for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games began on February 15 and was successful: more than three million tickets were sold.

“Great satisfaction,” said Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024. “It is already the biggest sale of tickets for a sporting event in France, achieved in just three weeks. »

The raffle registration period for the second phase of sales begins on 15 March, the day after the milestone 500 days before the Games, and extends until 20 April, when the first sales windows will open on May 11.

A total of 10 million tickets went on sale, 80% of them directly to the general public via the official ticketing platform

“To all those who have not yet been able to get their ticket: there are still opportunities,” recalls Estanguet.

“With this new sales phase, you will be able to attend legendary events, on sublime sites, support exceptional athletes, and experience absolutely extraordinary moments during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games. »

Here are the main figures for this first phase of sales and an overview of the tickets you can get during the second phase.

Ranking of the most popular Paris 2024 sports

  1. Football
  2. Athletics
  3. Rugby
  4. Basketball
  5. Volleyball
  6. Field hockey
  7. Beach volley
  8. Handball
  9. Golf
  10. Tennis

*Because more tickets were on sale



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