The NFL with 40 teams is a clear possibility in the not too distant future, according to reports

La NFL it could be growing to 40 teams in the future. According to Mike Florioan informant of NBC’s ProFootballTalkthe league expects to add eight additional teams in the coming years.

Florio He is known for being on top of everything related to the NFL and is seen as perhaps one of the most trusted experts. During his recent appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, he shared his expectations for the future of the NFL. “I think it’s coming. I think they’ll start to move that number from 32 to 34, to 36, 38, eventually 40,” she said.

With only 32 teams at the time, the expansion of the NFL to additional markets could spell exciting times for urban areas across the US. Fans now forced to cheer on teams they have no connection to in close proximity may finally have an old local band to join. what to support

However, Florio he mentions that finding great quarterbacks for this large number of teams could be a test. As he noted: “Quartbacks are the key. Is there really going to be an adequate number of quarterbacks so that there are 40 groups of the NFL? I feel like it definitely sounds like the more extreme number.”

The NFL has big expansion plans

Regardless of this likely test, Florio agrees that the NFL could make it work. In fact, there have been stories about a four-group split in Europe, which Florio thinks might be plausible.

Although the possibility of a NFL extended is exhilarating for fans, it’s essential to note that it may very well be some time before we see 40 teams in the league. Some urban communities are likely to get their own equipment soon, but it will require investment for the NFL is fully extended.

In the meantime, fans can appreciate watching their number one teams and players compete in the NFL, and keep an eye out for any news on the league’s potential development. With Florio keeping an eye on NFL commitments, we’re sure to stay on top of any updates.


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