The new stadium in Cagliari will be named after Riva, yes of the Municipality – Sport

Now there is also the unanimous yes of the City Council: the new stadium in Cagliari will be called Gigi Riva. A symbolic appointment, because the plant has yet to rise. But the Sardinian capital, which witnessed the exploits of Rombo di Tuono live, decided: a long round of applause for the words of Mayor Paolo Truzzu who introduced the motion: 29 votes in favour, no abstentions.

Truzzu himself recounted a little background: “When I proposed the naming to Riva – he said – we were both excited because such a choice is quite delicate, even if there are examples of plants in Europe and in Italy that bear the names of living sportsmen. The field of the Foro Italico, for example, bears the name of Nicola Pietrangeli. But it was Riva who saved us from embarrassment. He told me that he is happy to be able to live and savor the title, precisely because usually the same title is dedicated to someone who is no longer here”.

Truzzu recalled the reasons that led to the choice: “Even if he was born in Leggiuno – said the mayor of Cagliari – Gigi is a Sardinian who has chosen Sardinia. When I talk to someone who remembers that Sunday in April in which Cagliari secured the scudetto, I see that whoever talks gets excited, changes their expression.”