The new mega park of 28 thousand square meters Milan

A new green space available to the city of Milan and its inhabitants. Tuesday 21 March, the arrival of spring, will be welcomed with a day of sport and music open to all, and with the inauguration of a new portion of the public park of around 28,000 square meters at CityLife. With this inauguration, the public park available will be approximately 156,500 square meters. A vast area equal to the space needed to make 23 football fields.

The new area welcomes 406 new trees and houses six works by contemporary artists that enrich the artistic path of Artline within the park. The new piece of park, in addition to representing an environmental benefit, also allows the completion of an important pedestrian connection between the Fiera Milano Congress Center and Piazza Tre Torri and therefore the lilac station of the M5.

The inauguration ceremony will be attended by the councilor for Urban Regeneration, Giancarlo Tancredi, the president of Municipio 8, Giulia Pelucchi, the CEO of Generali Real Estate and president of CityLife, Aldo Mazzocco and the CEO of SmartCityLife, Roberto Russo. On this occasion, in fact, the SmartCityLife App will also be presented, for those who live and frequent the CityLife district: always up to date on all the events that will be organised. The Jazz concert by the Ani Unplugged trio at the top of the Italian scene is scheduled for the 21st, by the talented pianist Mirko Signorile and the energetic percussionist Alessandro Monteduro. The live will take place in Piazza Tre Torri at 13.00.

During the day it will be possible to get to know – for those who love taking care of themselves and their physical shape – the best teachers and personal trainers such as Michela Coppa who, in addition to being a TV presenter, has been spreading through her social accounts since 2017, a style of healthy living linked above all to her daily activity connected to the well-being of the spirit and body, thanks to the practice of Yoga of which she is a qualified teacher. On March 21, she will hold a 40-minute masterclass. Also present were Valentina Barbieri, expert in Functional Training and Head Trainer of Home and Stefano Fontanesi, trainer and doctor in Motor Sciences, trainer and coach.

Furthermore, for Pickleball lovers, from Tuesday 21 March until Sunday 26 March, in Piazza Tre Torri, it will be possible to try the new sport that has arrived from the States. Pickleball is a racket sport, which recalls the techniques and rules of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It is played with a ball and two rackets on a field measuring 6.10 meters x 13.41 metres. It is possible to play in pairs or alone as well as indoors and outdoors. An excellent opportunity to play sports while having fun. And for those who want to get to know Angela Alessi and Silvia Fumagalli, respectively first and second classified in Italy for the women’s singles, on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March, they will be there waiting for you together with other lovers of this new and exciting sport, thanks also to the collaboration of Original Pickleball and Decathlon.


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