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The Netherlands is a country with a wide range of sporting activities and events, including football, hockey, cycling, athletics and swimming. But which sport is most played in the Netherlands? Based on the figures of the NOC*NSF (Dutch Sports Federation), football is the most popular sport in the Netherlands. According to their latest annual report, football was number one with almost 1 million active players. Other popular sports in the Netherlands are hockey (with more than 500,000 players), korfball (more than 400,000 players), basketball (about 200,000 players) and handball (about 150,000 players). Badminton and tennis are also widely practiced by sports enthusiasts in the country, although no official figures are available on exactly how many people engage in these activities. Below we also look at a number of sports that are very popular among viewers.

Football is the number one national sport

Football is the most popular sport in the world. Be it playing it yourself, in an online casino Netherlands legal bet on the sport or just watch it on television, football is huge. It is played by millions of people around the world, including children, adults and the elderly. Football is a team game that requires many different skills, such as technique, tactics, physical strength and stamina. Not only does the game provide fun and relaxation for players of all ages, but it also helps to improve social skills and promote a healthy lifestyle. Football is also a great way to connect with other people and strengthen your community.

The unprecedented popularity of Formula 1

Formula 1 is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a huge fanbase, with millions of fans around the world coming to races every year to cheer on their favorite drivers. The popularity of Formula 1 is mainly driven by the technological innovation and performance that comes with it. The cars are designed to run as fast as possible, which is why they are often considered technological feats. In addition, there is also a lot of competition between the different teams and drivers, which ensures that there are always exciting races. In addition, Formula 1 also offers a unique experience for fans, with spectacular locations and entertainment on the track. All these factors together make Formula 1 one of the most popular sports in the world. In the Netherlands it has of course become extremely popular in recent years due to the successful career of two-time world champion Max Verstappen. With Nyck de Vries, the Netherlands has now even gained a second driver.

Spectacle during cycling

Cycling is one of the most spectacular sports out there. The combination of speed, technique and tactics makes it an exciting sport to watch. It is also one of the most competitive sports, with riders trying to beat each other through tactical maneuvers and sprints. There are many ways for the public to enjoy the spectacle of cycling. One way is to watch the matches on television, which allows you to follow all the action in detail. Another option is to go to live events such as multi-day stage races, classics or criteriums. Here you can cheer on the riders as they pass and admire their performance as they cross the finish line.

Tennis and padel

Tennis and padel are two popular sports played by many people around the world. Although they seem similar at first glance, there are several features that set them apart. First, tennis is an individual sport, while padel is a team sport. Moreover, tennis is played on a large court with four walls, while padel is played in a smaller court with three walls. The rackets also differ from each other: in tennis, the racket is larger than in padel and has more weight. Furthermore, the ball is hard in tennis and soft in padel. The rules of both sports also differ: in tennis you can only hit the ball once before it goes over the net, while in padel you can hit twice before it goes over the net. In recent years, however, padel has been on the rise, and more and more people are discovering how much fun it is, also in the Netherlands.


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