The major update about LeBron and his comeback: “It’s all happening…”

Still beaten in the last game, the Lakers are very far from validating a ticket for the postseason. In the event of another defeat, the Angelinos’ season could take a sad turn. The return of LeBron James is logically claimed… and the latest news is rather positive. We take stock.

It’s been several weeks since LeBron James squats in the Lakers infirmary, hoping to recover from his foot injury as quickly as possible. His return is becoming increasingly important for the Pourpre et Or, beaten earlier in the week. The race for the playoffs becomes enormously complicated for Darvin Ham’s men in this final sprint.

LeBron James far from a comeback?

All it takes is another losing streak to ruin the chances of a postseason berth. Anthony Davis is expected at the turn, as are D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reaves and other players capable of making a difference. Regarding the return of the King, we will obviously have to be patient if we trust the speech of the coach in front of the journalists.

Darvin Ham explained that LeBron’s 3 workouts a day are intense and going well. Ham adds that he was able to chat with LeBron this morning at the shootout. “Everything is going as planned.”

No return date, but Lakers medical staff are clearly happy with James’ progress since being sidelined. Enough to reassure fans… even if time is running out.

lebron is coming back to save us

3 intense workouts a day = ready for next week

LeBron James is not yet ready for his return, but we must believe that the medical staff is not very worried. Everything is going according to plan for the King, although the Angelinos need him quickly in this final sprint. Every game now counts.



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