The Indurain team is already pedaling towards the Titan Desert Morocco

The team KosnerOutlet Home has been officially presented in Cambrils (Tarragona) with a view to its participation in the Skoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023, which will be held from April 30 to May 5. The members of the team have concentrated in the town of Tarragona, where they have been able to develop a specific preparation for the test in conditions similar to those that will be found during the race in the Moroccan desert. During the next month, the ‘titans’ of the Kosner-Saltoki Home will continue with their preparation to face the race with the maximum guarantees, which is considered one of the toughest in the world.

Kosner-Saltoki Home has set up a top-level team, made up of clients, employees and professional cyclists, such as Miguel Indurainwinner of five Tours de France and two Giros d’Italia; Horse Looserwinner of the last edition, the Vera Looserwinner of a stage in Morocco in 2022 and winner of the Titan Desert Almería.

Precisely, Miguel Induráin did not want to miss a weekend in which, in addition to preparing on the dunes and sand with two bicycle outings, there has also been time to deepen teamwork and effort as the basis for success, Complementing the preparation, in addition, with technical talks on nutrition, mechanics, navigation and the main aspects to take into account during the Titan Desert itself. In this sense, the Navarrese champion has indicated what is needed to successfully face the race: “To go to one of these challenges, you have to master the bike and have experience of doing kilometers, having gone through difficulties and having technique“.

A weekend that has been really useful for the test, as stated by the team’s coach, Pau Marzá: “We have had good time, we have had a good time, there has been a good atmosphere among all and we have been able to pedal, which is what we like”.

August PascualTeam Manager of the Kosner – Saltoki Home and legend of the Titan Desert with 17 editions behind him, has indicated that he will put his extensive experience at the service of his teammates: “This year I am going to take it differently from other years, more to work for the team so that they don’t lack for anything and to have a good time”.

Among the team members, Pilar FernandezSpanish MTB Ultramarathon champion and winner of a stage in the Titan Desert 2022, is confident of playing a great role in the event: “We are prepared, we are a great team, we are three very strong girls who I think we can help each other and make a great Titan as a team. The sensations are good, now important races are coming up just before the Titan and they will also give us that point of competing”.

Presentation of the Kosner-Saltoki Home team in Cambrils (Tarragona). | Marco Agency

As an example of the spirit of continuous growth, effort and teamwork between Kosner and Saltoki Home, both brands come together to create an adventure only suitable for lovers of sports and the culture of improvement. The Kosner – Saltoki Home team will not only participate in the next edition of the Titan Desert, but it is also title sponsor of the race and will give its name to one of the most spectacular stages of the edition, the one that runs between Boumalne Dades and Nkob, more than 100 kilometers away.

The team’s participation in the test will also have an important charitable aspect, since it will donate 1 euro to the Luzón Foundation for every kilometer that run through their components in the race to help in the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). In order to ensure that the members of the Kosner – Saltoki Home cover the greatest number of kilometers possible, Juan Carlos Unzuea former soccer player and professional coach who has been fighting the disease since 2019, wanted to join the initiative with a very motivating message to the ‘titans’, who also had his moment during the concentration this weekend in Cambrils.

The Francisco Luzón Foundation is an entity with social purposes oriented to the fight against ALS. Its main objectives are to give visibility to the disease, improve the quality of life of people diagnosed with the disease and their environment, as well as promote scientific research, both basic and clinical.


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