The Grand Catalan badminton tournament in Torreilles: a success

On Saturday March 25 and Sunday March 26, the fifth edition of the Grand Catalan Tournament was held, organized by Le Volant Salanquais (LVS), at the Sports Hall. This tournament is now firmly rooted in the regional and national badistic landscape. This year, the edition welcomed nearly 170 players from the great south of France.

These two days were a great success both sporting for the LVS players and from the point of view of the atmosphere and conviviality.

In the continuity of the results of the season, the club ranks first in the club rankings during this home tournament with 4 wins, 15 second places and 9 third places.


In singles: Paul Clément, Benjamin Bagué; in doubles Maëva Mérino and Lisa Roucolle (Sobad 31), Landry Chalumeau and Nathan Sobraques (Argelès).

The finalists

In singles: Maeva Mathis, Ludovic Aumjaud; in doubles Ludovic Aumjaud and Clement Combe, Khloé Manquest and Elisa Maussang, Benjamin Bagué and Florian Le Mezo, Nadia Thomas and Rotthyda Hernja (Saint-Cyprien), Fabien Morat and Patrice Morat, Léa Legrand and Nolwenn Liscouet, Yannick Bryckaert and Théo Vignon ( Argeles); mixed Elisa Maussang and Yann-Emmanuel Hamon-Roussel (Font-Romeu).

3es places

In singles: Khloé Manquest, Clément Combe, Florian Le Mezo, Mickael François; in doubles Marianne Coppier and Carmen Delgado Garcia (ALCL76), Kim Collomb and Julien Sales; mixed Yannick Bryckaert and Léa Legrand.


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