The “Giocagin” returns to Latina

The “Giocagin” returns to Latina: 600 to experience sport amidst music, joy and colours

Saturday at the Palabianchini 35th edition of the Uisp kermesse, designed to highlight the right to play and exercise for everyone

On Saturday 18 March at 4 pm the 35th edition of “Giocagin” will be staged at the Palabianchini in Latina, a Uisp-branded event dedicated to athletes of all ages and designed to combine the values ​​of sport and solidarity. This year’s slogan, “The game takes shape”, aims to highlight the importance of the “Right to play” and movement for those who practice sports, which are open to all and tailored to each individual protagonist. “Giocagin” is an event designed to highlight body expression in all its forms, but also to give space to joy and pure fun to the sound of music. The event, scheduled from February to May in 36 cities with the involvement of over 50,000 people, is a showcase for gymnastics, dance, martial arts and much more. It will never be a competition, but only a party with free performances, also animated by the desire to start again after the stops imposed by the pandemic. In Latina, the UISP was able to count on the usual contribution of the managers Eleonora Mancini and Anna Lungo, managers of the Territorial Committee, of the instructors in action with their boys and of the Associations and Schools, in action on Saturday in the structure in via dei Mille. 600 participants of all ages are announced for the event from the IC “Da Vinci Rodari” in Latina with the coordination of Professor Elisa Morazzano and the various Asds. Each of them will receive a certificate of participation and the official shirt of the event from the Uisp provincial president Andrea Giansanti and the general secretary Domenico Lattanzi. The program initially includes a free body exhibition by the boys of the “Da Vinci Rodari” and followed by a suggestive moment dedicated to Rhythmic Gymnastics with the girls of the Asd Astrea di Cisterna directed by the instructor, as well as Uisp contact person, Tania Ianiri. Then there will be the group dances of the adults of the Asd Magia Dance and a new rhythmic gymnastics exhibition by the athletes of the Uisp Latina Ginnastica coordinated by Sara Fantin, Gaia Picelli and Chiara Conti. Subsequently, it will be possible to enjoy the Judo and martial arts show with the Asd Dojo Makoto, which will be followed by modern dance again with the Asd Magia Dance, a new exhibition by the Asd Astrea and a space dedicated to the girls of the Asd Movimento and Well being. The final moment will be a free body dance with the involvement of the guys from “Da Vinci Rodari”, a spectacular introduction to the final show accompanied by the energetic song by Queen entitled “We will rock you”.


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