The Forever Card #24 – Sport Marketing News solidarity sticker is dedicated to the singer-songwriter goalkeeper Andrea Pazzagli

The Forever Card #24 – Sport Marketing News solidarity sticker is dedicated to the singer-songwriter goalkeeper Andrea Pazzagli

Andrea Pazzaglithe singer-songwriter goalkeeper, is the solidarity figurine Forever Card #24 and will be officially presented on Wednesday 22 March 2023, Teatrodante Carlo Monni – Piazza Dante 23, Campi Bisenzio (FI), as part of the “Fiorentinamente” event.

Many remember him in Sacchi’s Milanlifting the European Cup and two Intercontinental Cups.

An incredible two-year period around Europe and the world and many trophies on the showcase. Before and after important football squares such as Bologna, Udinese, Perugia and Ascoli.

Andrea Pazzagli was also born sportingly in his city, Florence. After the youth he crosses the Apennines and goes to Bologna. Of an important career full of satisfactions, perhaps his greatest regret is not having played in the first team of Fiorentina. Which he was a big fan of.

For this reason, the supportive sticker pays him doubly homage, as an unforgettable goalkeeper and as a Viola goalkeeper, imagining a story that went slightly different from what happened: Andrea does not leave Florence after his youth but finds space among the “grown-ups”, his 1976/77 sticker with the Viola shirt is a dream that, at least with the sticker, becomes reality.

The other aspect of Andrea Pazzagli is his passion for music which leads him to make two albums, author of music and lyrics, often stories related to football, his football. The “hidden” photo on the postcard, where you can put the card on it, shows him not with boxing gloves defending the goal, but with the guitar, photographed in his Florence, in an event organized by Giglio Amico Onlus.

In presence of Isa PazzagliAndrea’s wife, and where another beautiful voice from Florence, Paul Vallesi, will sing some songs from the sample’s repertoire. With them faces and names of the Tuscan city and former footballers of the Florentine club, in an evening of solidarity with strong purple hues.

Figurine Forever will be present with its own stand and all the solidarity stickers made so far with the common denominator of Florence: the purple footballers Antognoni, Chiarugi, By Clare, Of Sist e Hamrin. The actor Novello Novellithe champion Gino Bartaliil “Pele of water poloGianni De Magistris and the Comic Card of Desdemona/L’Insonne, a character created by the cartoonist Joseph DiBernardo.

The solidarity figurine of Andrea Pazzagli will be the exciting novelty of the evening.

The solidarity figurine is intended to support the activities of theGiglio Amico Odv Association of Florence (historical and important Florentine reality, for over 25 years engaged in the field of solidarity. Organization with which Figurine Forever has already had the opportunity to collaborate and support, proud to renew this partnership.


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