The first final of the ‘SuperPibes’

The last place in the Paraguayan finals was played on the center court of SND Arerna between the couples formed by Fede Chingotto and Javi Garrido; and Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno.

The first set was going to take place under maximum equality for more than 40 minutes without, hardly, generating break options. Only two options in favor of Stupa and Di Nenno in the entire first sleeve. They were going to take advantage of one of them, at the end of the episode, to connect the break that served them to put the score at 7-5.

The second sleeve would follow a similar script in the first seven games. The eighth and ninth were counted by break and against break, therefore the outcome of the set was also reached in a completely even way. The tie break would decide the set and also the match. The superkids sneak into the final in Paraguay


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