The eternal “GOAT” debate | NBA Star LeBron James Posts Curious Animal Video – US SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

Will this debate ever end?

Who is the greatest player in NBA history? Michael Jordan (60) or LeBron James (38)? Fans have been asking this question for ages. On social media, the currently injured James is heating up this age-old topic again.

The English word “GOAT” is an acronym for the designation “Greates Of All Time”, so it titles the greatest player of all time. Literally translated means Goat but very simple Goat. NBA star LeBron James is now inciting fans on social media with this very play on words.

James posts a video on Instagram showing a large, powerful mountain goat. Below the video, he comments from the goat’s point of view: “DAMN!!! I can’t even do rehab without the paparazzi bothering me! Relax yourself! I’m just trying to get fit so I can be out there with my boys again!”

It’s understandable that LeBron considers himself the GOAT. Nevertheless, the decision is left to the fans.

In his short social media message, the “King” also talks about his injury comeback:

“Anyway, since I can’t get on the court yet, all I did while I was away was lifting massive weights! Punctual. See you soon,” James wrote on Instagram. However, it is unclear how soon he will return to the pitch.


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