the country formalizes its candidacy for the 2030 World Cup!

Wishing to organize a World Cup for a long time now, Morocco will once again try its luck for the 2030 World Cup… By joining Spain and Portugal in order to propose a Mediterranean alliance.

This coalition comes to compete with the South American project which, for the centenary of the World Cup, would like to bring it back to its original lands (the 1st World Cup was held in Uruguay).

Coming back to Morocco, this intercontinental project could seduce FIFA, given that Africa has not organized a world since 2010 (in South Africa, the one and only time that the cradle of humanity had hosted the event). Europe, meanwhile, could once again be eligible for 2030 as it last hosted the “CDM” in 2018.

King Mohammed VI also described this union as “unprecedented in the history of football. The fact that Europe and Africa can unite around such a project”

An ideal opportunity therefore for the 2 continents, even if it will be necessary to be wary of the Latin American candidacy, which in view of the symbol that it would represent, could collect the favors of the voters.



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