The controversial photo for which Otero, a Sporting player, has apologized: “It won’t happen again”

Clipping of the controversial image of Otero

Juan Otero, a Sporting de Gijón player, apologized this afternoon for the inopportune image that was made public today and in which the footballer appeared posing without a shirt and holding his private parts, which has unleashed a wave of critical comments from the red and white fans In addition, in the controversial image he was wearing the team’s tracksuit.

“It was a mistake. I accept it. But it has nothing to do with performance. Things haven’t gone well. But I’ve always given everything for this shirt. And I always will. It won’t happen again”, commented the rojiblanco winger .

Otero has also apologized to the rest of the squad. He did it this morning, when the team returned to training after the duel in Burgos. With these words the winger wants to close some unpleasant hours.

This is the image shared by the footballer on social networks that caused the controversy:

The controversial image for which Juan Otero wanted to apologize


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