The Bears won’t be easy prey for other teams

Sea cow. Don’t be fooled by the nickname osseous. The franchise management put together a team armed with sharp claws to compete during the 2023 season of the National Superior Basketball (BSN).

Los Bears arrived in Manatí when the urban music artist Ozuna acquired the rights of the extinct Brujos de Guayama. Under the leadership of Flor Meléndez, a quintet headed by Isaac Sosa and Chris Ortiz was assembled along with Matt López, Kevin Young, José Ginés, Alexander Morales, David Moya, Derek Reese, KJ Santos, Lance Tejeda and Algenis Quintana.

Greg Monroe, who has experience having played in the NBA, is the main reinforcement. The other import will be Elfrid Payton.

Flor Melendez is the general manager of the Bears. (supplied)

Jordan Howard and Jihvvan Jackson will join the final part of the regular season.

They have to take us very seriously”, said Sosa, who arrived in Manatí as part of a transaction with the Santurce Cangrejeros. “If you look at our team from 1 to 13, it’s solid. What I like the most is that we have balance on both sides of the court,” he added.

Greg Monroe averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds with the Detroit Pistons last year.  (AP)
Greg Monroe (left) played a decade in the NBA.

The aspirations are high because that is how the team has been built. When we have everyone, we’ll be a respectable team. Obviously there are always the exceptions of injuries, but if we put that aside and we are all healthy, we have the capacity and the coaching staff,” said Sosa.

The Bears will be under the technical command of Iván Ríos, who in the past served as manager in Fajardo, Carolina and Santurce. He is the son-in-law of Meléndez, partner of Jhivvan’s mother.

This group of players drop everything and will go out every day to represent Manatí with great pride. We have a good complement of young people with veterans. Sosa is the role model, he is an example for others. We just need to start playing and everyone have a great season,” Ríos said.

Isaac Sosa, Iván Ríos (manager) and Chris Ortiz lead the Bears.
Isaac Sosa, Iván Ríos (manager) and Chris Ortiz lead the Bears. (supplied)

Meléndez expressed excitement about the talent he has brought together for the 2023 season.

“The team comes from Guayama. That team played well, but other players had to be complemented. I think we have put together a team that we don’t have to envy anyone. We have worked hard and we can’t wait until we start,” said Meléndez, general manager.

The first commitment of the Bears will be tomorrow, Thursday, with the visit of the Cangrejeros at the Juan Aubín Cruz Abreu Coliseum.


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