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17:02 Our LIVE LIVE text of Scotland-Italy under 20 ends here. Thank you for following the Six Nations under 20 in our company. Appointment for 2024, but great rugby doesn’t end there. To all friends and readers of OA Sport have a good continuation of the day.

17:01 Azzurri who are waiting for the result of England to understand if they will finish in third or fourth position in this Six Nations under 20 2023.

17:00 Second perfect time for the Azzurrini, good at scoring 5 tries and overcoming the opponents in all the fundamentals of rugby. The orderly scrum and maul work is extraordinary. Italy which closes with 15 points, as in the last edition, but with one victory less.


84′- Glory also for Sante, who enters the card by transforming the try. He ends here.

83′- METAAA ITALY! GASPERINI! Arrogantly, the Azzurri score in goal by exploiting the immense work of the forwards. Sixth Italian goal for 38-17.

82′- Workers return to the field. We are 14.

81′- Blue scrum that still earns punishment.

80′- Passarella held high. Italy who wants to mark in 13 against 15.

79′- Bravissimo Casilio, who recovers the ball and wins an important free kick. We even close in the 22 opponents.

78′- Scrum for Scotland. It’s practically done.

78′- The Italian defense is very good, which attacks despite the double numerical inferiority.

77′- Mey is the Scotland-Italy man of the match!

76′- The blue scrum is still in the game, and earns a very precious foul.

75′- Luckily there is the forward from Scotland. You have to run the stopwatch.

74′- Transform Simpson, bringing his team to 17-33.

74′- HALF SCOTLAND. Obviously there is a lot of space, and Robinson’s goal arrives. Scotland 15 – Italy 33. Attention, it’s not over.

73′- Warning… Second yellow card in two minutes for Italy. This time it’s up to Elettri, who doesn’t let go of the ball despite being offside. We finish in 13.

72′- Elettri offside. Free-kick for Scotland, who goes into the lineout.

71 ‘- A yellow card arrives for Lavoronti, who was the author of a tackle in the neck. Italy that will end up outnumbered.

70′- Sante’s kick does not come out, we continue.

70′- Again the excellent work of the blue maul that forces the opponents to foul.

69′- Pontarini is also inside, who as soon as he enters receives on the lineout.

69′- Against Scottish ruck after a little indecision by Gesi.

68′- Outside Berlese, Lavoronti enters.

67′- Foul by the Scots. Italy that goes up the field going into the throw-in.

66′- An extraordinary Gallorini also comes out, together with him also Quattrini and Brisighella. Inside Gasperini, Sante and Artuso.

66′- The Azzurri recover the ball thanks to Passarella’s great pass.

65′- Italian forward. Scrum with Scottish introduction. In the meantime, Aminu’s match ends, Bartolini enters.

64′- Brisighella is not wrong. Italy that takes on 33-10.

63′- METAAA ITALY! GALLORINI AGAIN! Sensational work of the blue forwards. The fifth goal of the match arrives. Scotland 10 – Italy 31.

62′- Kick in touch by Mey, let’s go back to the attack.

61′- Scottish offside. Free kick Italy.

61′- Cramps for Aminu and Mey. We have to hold on.

60′- We are in the last quarter of the match. Azzurri who overturned the result in 20 minutes.

59′- Forward by Aminu. Scrum with Scottish introduction.

57′- All easy for Brisighella, who transforms easily. Italy rising to 26-10.

56′- METAAA ITALY! GALLORINI! Azzurri who immediately recover the ball in the opponents’ 5 meters building the fourth try. Bonus point achieved and above all Italy 24 Scotland 10.

55′- Again Botturi tries to reach the goal powerfully, but the blue does not release the ball once on the ground. Free kick Scotland.

54′- The lineout also works, from which Italy gains a new scrum in the 22 opponents.

53′- Scotland is saved, with Gesi forcing a pass too much.

52′- Ball recovered by the Azzurri, let’s go back to pushing.

51′- It’s a completely different Italy in this second half. So good!

50′- Beautiful football from Brisighella, which transforms and gives Italy the lead 19-10.

49′- METAAA ITALY! The Azzurrini scrum was extraordinary, with Battara picking up and hitting in goal. Scotland 10 – Italy 17.

48′- Super work of the Italian scrum, with the Azzurri advancing and opening the game on Mey. Francois throws himself towards the goal, the Scots cancel.

46′- Transform Brisighella. Italy’s first lead on 10-12.

45′- METAAAA ITALY! BOTTURI! Pick up and go from the player from Calvisano, who takes advantage of the work of the blue scrum and crushes with arrogance in the goal. Italy that draws at 10.

44′- Gifts from both sides. The problems in the throw-in continue for the Azzurrini, but Scotland make a naive forward.

44′- The Scots are still undisciplined. New football for Italy that is approaching the opponents’ 5 meters.

42′- Does not roll away McConnell. Football for the blues.

42′- Football by Passarella. Territorial gain of Italy. In the meantime Elettri enters, Bozzo exits.

41′- Drop from Brisighella. He leaves again.


15:48 Difficult first fraction for Italy. Coach Brunello will have to restart from the certainty of the scrum, and use the interval to rearrange his offensive ideas. See you later!


41′- Gesi’s pass that ends wide. The first half ends here.

40′- Another foul committed by the Scots in the scrum. Italy moving forward going into touch.

39′- Winning defensive pressure from Botturi and Quattrini. Azzurri conquering a precious scrum.

38′- Phase in which the two teams try to explore the unguarded portions of the field thanks to powerful kicks.

36′- Afshar can’t hit the posts from a very long distance. It remains on 10-5 in favor of Scotland.

35′- The Italian tackler does not roll away. Scots who choose to try and grab another three points.

34′- The scrum of the hosts falls apart. Free kick Italy, which goes up the field.

33′- Azzurri who resist the advance of the opposing maul, managing to recover the ball and earn an important scrum.

32′- Against the perfect ruck of the Scots, who earn foul and pour within the 22 Italians.

31′- Italian scrum that clearly wins the duel with the opponents, but the referee limits himself to having it repeated.

30′- Another failed touch from the Azzurri, who try a smart one, committing a forward with Mattioli.

28′- Scottish forward. Italy that can restart from the ordered fray.

27′- Bad football from Battara. Azzurrini who still don’t seem to have fully entered the game.

26′- Scotland substitution: out Cains, who suffered a bad blow, in Deans.

26′- The Scottish pressure works, alternating hand play with exploration kicks. The blue forward arrives.

24′- Lateral entry into Berlese’s maul. Landlords who can return to our half.

23′- Third throw-in by Quattrini.

22′- The first Scottish lines immediately collapse. Mey goes in touch in the Scottish 22.

22′- Crooked throw-in by Lafferty. You try Italy again starting from the fray.

21′- Involuntary obstruction by Berlese, but the referee is intransigent. Scotland recovering the ball and gaining the field.

20′- Good defense by Gallorini, who wins a free kick that will bring us back.

20′- Scotland which stays ahead thanks to a dense and rapid network of passes.

18′- Azzurri who leave the red zone taking refuge in a lineout.

17′- Wonderful football by Simpson, who projects his within the 22 Italians.

15′- Second wrong throw in the Blues throw-in.

15′- Great pressure from the Azzurrini on the edge of the opponent’s goal, but Afshar finds an excellent kick.

13 ‘- This time the hosts manage to defuse the Italian maul, the turnover arrives.

12′- Bad reception from the Scots. Italy that can handle a new lineout attack.

11′- Perfect Simpson. Scotland 10 – Italy 5.

10′- Turrisi doesn’t roll away. Scotland who will look for the three points.

9′- Brisighella’s transformation doesn’t work. It remains on 7-5 for the Scots.

8′- METAAA ITALY! MONEY! The Italian maul advances to the goal. Clear superiority of the blue cart. Scotland 7 – Italy 5.

8′- And instead we give up the three points going into touch.

8′- Great action by Mey, who sends the opposing front line to the bar with a feint. Landlords who commit an offence. Italy can go to the poles to unlock the score.

7′- Transform Simpson, Scotland that takes on 7-0.

5′- META SCOTLAND. Foolishness of the Azzurri, with Gesi giving the ball to the opponents, opening the way to the goal for King. Scotland 5 Italy 0.

4′- Tenuto di Odiase, Scotland who wins the ball again.

3′- Tackle without the ball by the Scots. Football for Italy, dating the field. Many infractions in these very first minutes.

2′- The Azzurrini throw-in is crooked. Ball that returns to the hosts.

2′- The Italian defense is immediately attentive, the turnover arrives.

1′- Football from Battara that doesn’t lead the way. Touch for the Scots at the limit of our 22.

1′- Drop by Simpson, off to the match!


14:59 Scotland and Italy line up in their respective half. You can start, have fun!

14:58 Flower of Scotland, the national anthem of the hosts.

14:56 The two teams enter the lawn. It starts with the Italian national anthem.

14:55 All ready in the Glasgow Warriors stadium. Only the entry into the field of the two teams is awaited.

14:52 The picture of the fifth and final day with Ireland-England and France-Wales will be completed in the next few hours.

14:48 One week after the beautiful victory obtained against Wales, CT Massimo Brunello’s team will look for the second consecutive hurrah in Glasgow. Landlords who currently occupy the penultimate position with only one victory.

14:44 Good afternoon and welcome back to the LIVE LIVE written of Scotland-Italy, match of the last day of the Six Nations under 20 2023.

Good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE text of Scotland-Italy, match valid for the last day of the Six Nations under 20. In Glasgow the two teams will compete to round off the 2023 edition.

For the fifth round, CT Massimo Brunello hopes to secure third place by winning the match and obtaining the bonus point. At the same time, England should not get points in the match against Ireland. In the blue formation Mey will return to play fullback, with Berlese gaining ownership.


15. MEY Francois Carlo (ASM Clermont Auvergne)
14. GESI Alessandro (2003, Livorno Rugby)
13. PASSARELLA Dewi (2003 – Benetton Rugby Treviso)
12. BOZZO Nicola (2004 – US Harlequins Perpignanais)
11. BOZZONI Filippo (2003 – Rugby Calvisano)
10. BRISIGHELLA Simone (Rugby Viadana 1970)
9. BATTARA Sebastiano (2003 – Mogliano Veneto Rugby)
8. BOTTURI Jacopo (2004 – Rugby Calvisano)
7. ODIASE David (2003 – Oyonnax Rugby)
6. BERLESE LIZARDO Carlos (2003 – Ruggers Tarvisium)
5. TURRISI Pietro (2003, Racing 92 Paris)
4. MATTIOLI Alex (2003 – Rugby Colorno 1975)
3. GALLORINI Marcos Francesco (2004 – Unione Rugby Capitolina)
2. QUATTRINI Giovanni (2003 – Asd Rugby Milano) – captain
1. AMINU Destiny Ugiagbe (2003 – Mogliano Veneto Rugby)

The match between Scotland and Italy under 20 will start at 15.00. It will be possible to follow the event live on Sky Sport, and in streaming on SkyGO and NOW. OA Sport will offer you LIVE LIVE written minute by minute of the match. Have fun and go blue!

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