the 7th Raid Città della Pieve International Endurance Event is back

Perugia, 29 March 2023 – An appointment that has now become a pleasant habit.

It’s the one with the 7th Raid Città della Pieve International Endurance Eventwhich this year will also count as the 1st stage of the Umbria regional championship.

A location, that of the Ponticelli sports field, which by now has won loyal competitors from all over Italy.

Convenient to reach, logistically ideal and organized with the care that is dedicated to family things by all the staff Wild Horse Equestrian Association.

Then add the paths too, perfectly set in the landscapes so dear to the painter Pietro Vannucci, known as il Perugino.

And which will be further enriched by the spring that is coming: it would be a shame to miss this party equestrian sport.

A special note for the routes, very pleasant for first-time pairs but also excellent practice fields for those who want to put their competitive skills to the test.

All of Città della Pieve awaits this appointment, starting with the Mayor Fausto Risini: “Sport is a fundamental element of aggregation, an important step above all against the prevention of youth discomfort, a point I hold dear. It is a safe haven, a world to be experienced and shared with friends and family. Sport is synonymous with tourism and Città della Pieve, perfectly positioned on the Rome/Florence axis, with a strategic motorway exit, is an important crossroads, a place to discuss many sports and to stay while enjoying all the local peculiarities, starting with good food. Ponticelli for example, where the national and international endurance competitions will take place, is often the venue for many sports, from the very popular mountain biking to archery and obviously my beloved running”.

This year then whoever will accompany athletes and horses will also be able to distract themselves with the many events dedicated to Perugino. Starting with the exhibition ‘The best master of Italy in progress at the National Gallery of Umbria.
So remember: Città della Pieve awaits Endurance and those who love it since 31 March to 2 April 2023.


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