“That Dream Team player? He was not allowed to speak with Jordan and Bird”

Contrary to what one might think, the atmosphere was not necessarily exceptional in the Dream Team locker room. The proof, a player was snubbed by Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, so he could not speak to them in certain circumstances. The team superstars were ruthless!

The Dream Team is still seen today as the most legendary team of all time. helped democratize the NBA around the world. After this collective demonstration, everyone was interested in this great league.

And legends around this selection are numerous and entertaining. Between the quasi-military apparatus deployed by the government Spanish to allow them to move “freely” and the many Michael Jordan’s provocations towards his teammatesa director could easily make a film or a series of this epic.

When Larry Bird martyred Charles Barkley

But beware, contrary to what one might think, the atmosphere was not necessarily exceptional in the locker room. When you put so many competitors together, there are bound to be frictions at some point, more or less violent. For example, according to journalist Ahmad Rashad, who was friends with many gamers, a superstar was not allowed to speak with MJ, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson:

I was able to witness a rather interesting scene with the Dream Team during the Barcelona Games. Several players were gathered around the pool table, and Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson began to discuss and debate who was the best player on the team, who was the best in a one-on-one situation. They didn’t stop.

Charles Barkley was in the room at the time, and he wanted to speak up to give his opinion. But Larry Bird refused to let him speak because he had never won the title. Patrick Ewing also tried his luck, but he was not allowed to speak with Bird and Jordan. Eventually, he ended up telling Magic that MJ was the present, the best, and they were the past.

While all Dream Team players respected each other, they still wanted to know who was the best. The biggest names in the NBA took the floor… except those who had never won a title! Larry Bird was obviously not kidding with the awards. The good news for Charles Barkley is that he was the tournament’s best player, and he didn’t need to talk to show it.

Charles Barkley was a great player, maybe even the best in the field in 1992, but he did not necessarily have the respect of the elders because of his virgin record. Larry Bird was intransigent, you needed a ring to debate with the champions.


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