Tennis: Aryna Sabalenka addresses her fans after a pop photo Sports

Friendship you can touch!

Although While tennis is actually known as an individual sport, many of the felt ball stars are friends with each other on the professional tours for women and men.

So does Aryna Sabalenka (24/Belarus), number two in the world rankings, and Paula Badosa (25/Spain), who is number 22 in the world rankings!

The two top players, who call each other soulmates on tour, even have their own duo name: “Sabadosa”!

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So it’s clear that both of them will spend a lot of time together at the tournament in Indian Wells (USA) – and train together. A curious snapshot was taken.

You can see: Sabalenka and Badosa, who put their hands on each other’s buttocks at the net.

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Sabalenka snapped the photo and shared it on her profile, casually commenting, “Just to get this straight…we have friends,” followed by a smiley smile.

The funny saying about the butt photo was well received by her fans. After just under a day, the tweet has around 5,400 likes.

Duel of the girlfriends only possible in the final

By the way: At the tournament in Indian Wells, Sabalenka and Badosa could only meet in the final. Since there is up to 1.2 million euros for the winner at the US event, the friendship between the two should probably rest for at least a few hours…


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