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It was born as a viral Tik Tok trend and quickly hit gyms. The 12-3-30 method requires only one tape and promises safe results. He devised it and put the North American influencer into practice Lauren Giraldo who managed to stylize her figure with this practice.

Like any physical routine that promises resounding changes, it deserves an analysis to evaluate its pros, its cons and, above all, its risks and the care necessary to put it into practice. It consists of walking on a treadmill with an incline of 12 percent, at 4.8 kilometers per hour -the equivalent of 3 miles, figure that gives it its name-, for 30 minutes.

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Regarding the angle of inclination, 2 to 3 percent is moderate, 5 to 7 percent is high, and more than 10 percent is very high. “A priori it does not seem like a demanding training -depending on the state of each person- and it is not if you practice sports frequently and with a moderate to high intensity”, says physical education teacher Martín Colacilli.

What the WHO says

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends practicing aerobic physical activity 150 minutes per week. “This method follows these parameters. It would be perfectly fulfilled if it were carried out five days a week”, points out the professor.

What seems simple is not so much for beginners or people not used to practicing aerobic training. In fact, Giraldo had a hard time completing the half hour when he started, so he would stop to rest after 10 or 15 minutes. Once the half-hour goal was reached, he supplemented the work with strength exercises.

Like any physical activity, it requires a medical certificate to rule out possible risks. And its onset must be progressive so as not to generate Achilles tendonitis or inflammation of the Achilles tendon.


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“It is essential that the practice be progressive, slow and for a long time to adapt to the tendon. The adaptation to new muscular, tendon and joint, pulmonary and cardiovascular efforts takes three months”, he affirms. Hernán Delmonte, cardiologist (MN 78018) and teacher of the Favaloro University, as well as sports specialist and national physical education teacher. First-time adopters are advised to “adjust the method at each level, beginning the first day with no incline.

You can reduce the time or perform lower impact exercises, such as the elliptical bike or swimming. Any of these activities will be a good starting point and will add up”, says Colacilli. Delmonte advises beginning the practice by walking flat, then incline the treadmill two or three degrees, and so on until you reach twelve degrees.

the complete plan

Regarding the duration of the session, “the goal is half an hour, but not from the first day. Start with ten to twelve minutes of treadmill at a speed where you feel slightly agitated”, says the doctor. A complete plan includes a maximum of three times a week of the 12-3-30 method – “to preserve the tendons”, remarks the doctor-, complemented with strength, flexibility, joint mobility and coordination exercises.

Maintaining the rhythm for half an hour, added to the effort imposed by the ramp, can mean a challenge for more than one person. And there will be those who wonder if it is beneficial for health.

“All the methods that lead to physical activity and increase the intensity are indicated,” says Hernán Delmonte. The doctor advises that the choice of the method be in accordance with the condition and physical state, personal preferences and the objectives to be followed.

“Physical activity tries, through the walk, to exert an effort, which is the inclination,” says the doctor.

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When walking on the incline treadmill, the body does not feel the impact that running would produce. “This doesn’t happen when you walk, even on a slope, since you always have one foot on the ground”, clarifies the coach.

Both walking on an incline treadmill and running are basic cardiovascular exercises. “Both activities increase heart rate and improve cardiorespiratory fitness, according to the American Heart Association”, warns Martín Colacilli.


Although the professor assures that running is more intense than walking, he acknowledges that if you walk uphill “that incline adds resistance and the heart and lungs have to work harder to supply blood and oxygen to the muscles.”

Regarding the pace of the walk, Delmonte associates it with the age of each person: those under 50 walk between 6 and 8 km/h on average, those over 50 between 4 and 5 km/h on average. This is in general lines, although it varies in each person. According to the doctor and professor, walking on a treadmill with an incline of 12% is an alternative to walking flat and fast.

Another possibility, according to Delmonte, is to alternate flat walking with running or walking on an incline. In any of these cases, the specialist emphasizes the importance of the necessary adaptation to avoid injuries, gradually increasing speed.

The results? “30 minutes is enough to promote weight loss. Depending on the intensity chosen, in that period of time it is possible to burn up to 140 calories”, says Colacilli. “They are methods that promise results. It’s good because the slope replaces the speed”, details Delmonte.

You can start small and find ways to get more physical activity into your life.

The cardiologist and sports specialist points out that it is contraindicated for people with a cardiovascular history. In these patients it is necessary to know the indication of what effort can be made. He also considers it important to assess the person’s balance and if he has any knee or hip problems. “The best physical activity is the one that is done because you have to be strong, flexible, resistant and coordinated, with a healthy physical composition. This is the goal of fitness,” Delmonte points out.

Among the benefits of the 3-12-30 method stands out “the low impact it produces; the development of lower body strength; heto improvement of cardiovascular condition; the lipolytic effect it produces; strengthening the bones it develops; and the improvement of balance and resistance”, says Martín Colacilli.

Physical activity is imposed at all ages as part of life habits. The 12-3-30 method is one of the many options that appear every day. Without false expectations and without expecting magical results, the best personal choice is the one that is according to the tastes of each one in order to maintain it over time, in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
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