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Tohoku High School players perform on the base “I understand your feelings, but enjoy playing”

The 95th Selected High School Baseball Tournament opened at Hanshin Koshien Stadium on the 18th. There was a scene where the first base umpire warned the “pepper mill performance” performed by the Tohoku (Miyagi) player who lost in the first game, but the Japanese Takanoren announced a comment on the same day. “I understand the feelings of the players, but the idea of ​​our federation is that we want them to enjoy playing,” he said.

“Pepper mill performance” spread by the success of the Japanese national team. In the Yamanashi Gakuin match, Tohoku second baseman Kazushi Kaneko showed it when he got a base due to a misstep, but the first base umpire immediately warned him. After the match, Tohoku’s manager Hiroshi Sato said, “This has become a hot topic all over Japan.

Japan Takanoren’s comments are as follows.

“As a high school baseball team, we have always asked players to refrain from unnecessary performances and gestures. We understand the desire of players to enjoy the game, but the idea of ​​our federation is that we want them to enjoy playing.”

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