Suspended 8 games by the NBA, Ja Morant finally breaks the silence

After being kicked out of the Grizzlies team, the soap opera I Morant comes to an end. This Wednesday, the leader of Memphis met the boss of the NBA, Adam Silver. The latter described the behavior of the young All Star as irresponsible and potentially dangerous. The Instagram video, where Ja Morant shows off a firearm in a nightclub, led the league to investigate. In a press release, the NBA announced that the weapon in question did not belong to Morant. He therefore avoids a very heavy sanction. However, Silver has clearly indicated that these actions were against the NBA code. The commissionaire made it clear to him that he is a role model for the younger generations and that, in this sense, he has obligations towards his team and the community.

Pour conduct detrimental to the league, Adam Silver issued an eight-game suspension, a loss of more than $650,000 for him. Since Morant has already served part of this sanction, he could return to the Grizzlies on March 20 when the Mavericks host. Morant followed a psychological assistance program in Florida following his disappointments. By accepting the hand extended by his frankness, he took a first step forward. At the microphone of Jalen Rose on ESPN, he finally spoke about all his business:

The weapon in the video was not mine. It’s not who I am. I do not tolerate any type of violence, but I take full responsibility for my actions. I made a big mistake. I see the image I’ve built with my recent mistakes. But in the future, I’m going to show everyone who Ja really is, what I am and change that narrative that everyone has in their minds.

Motivated to change his image, Morant seems to have taken the lead in the head. He accepts his past mistakes and his treatment in Florida was beneficial. Aware of the stakes that his behavior can have on young people and on his team, he wishes to become more responsible:

Honestly, I feel like I put myself in this situation with my past mistakes. And now I have to focus on being smarter and more responsible, accepting my share of responsibility. I think before, I didn’t know what was at stake. And now, I finally had time to realize. I had time for myself and I realize it now. I realize what I lost, and for my team, what we lost. I just have to be more responsible, smarter and stay away from all bad decisions.

Ja Morant did not wish to give his version of the facts of which he is accused in several cases. He was content to say that he had acted to protect his family:

All the incidents that you have seen recently, most of them are lies. I can’t speak too much about these situations as they are still being judged. I really can’t wait to finally be able to tell the truth. But what I can say is that none of that suits me. I am always turned towards my family, I always want to take care of them. So, I just checked that my family was safe. And once it was good, I left.



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