Susana Gómez, the woman who broke the glass ceiling by making her way into the Federac…

Basketball in Spain is in fashion. Break stereotypes, too. Susana Gómez knows this well, a well-known ex-collegiate of the sport of the basket and current vice-president of the Technical Committee of Referees of the National Federation.

Gómez has been seen in our city on the occasion of the ‘Basketball and women’ days organized by the territorial mackerel. Her extensive professional career in the world of basketball and her current position of responsibility have made her worthy of a leading role -within the event in question- on which she claimed to feel “privileged”.

FBC Basketball and Women
Susana Gómez and Julia Ferreras, during a conference on basketball and women

Susana’s case is a powerful example of that misnamed ‘female improvement’. The former referee, however, considers that, apart from a few cases (such as her own), there is still “a long way to go.” “The vast majority of women continue to fight to break that glass ceiling and to be what we want to be,” she wielded.

The Murcian knows exactly what she is talking about. Her quarter of a century at the foot of the canyon has not exactly been a bed of roses. “There was a time when I felt very alone,” she confessed. “Fortunately, I met many colleagues who helped me improve within the arbitration establishment,” she added.

FBC Basketball and Women
Susana Gómez and Julia Ferreras, during a conference on basketball and women

Unlike what happens in the king of sports, in basketball, it is much more common to see a woman directing an official match. Gómez, in fact, has come to practice as such at an international level. There is nothing. “It seems that, little by little, we are getting the woman to be there on her own merits,” he said.

A self-confessed optimist, the basketball player is convinced that, despite the barriers, “with effort and work, in the end, all women can get to where they want to be.” Of course, materializing this positive desire requires, to a large extent, a radical change in contemporary society. “Among all of us, we must make room for everyone to fit in,” the manager concluded.



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