Summit in the City Council to streamline the sports city of Oviedo: the deadlines that are handled

Oviedo summit to advance in the sports city of Oviedo in Latores. The builder Paco Rubio, president of the Herce Group and former owner of the Numancia, was this morning at the Oviedo City Hall outlining the urban details for the future construction of the venue. Rubio is the owner of the land where the blue sports city will be located and will also be in charge of the construction of the work. The man from Soriano met with Alfredo Canteli, mayor of Oviedo; Nacho Cuesta, Councilor for Town Planning, and Martín Peláez, President of Oviedo. The three parties showed that they were rowing in the same direction so that the sports city reaches a successful port, with Jesús Martínez, owner of Oviedo, duly informed from Mexico. The optimism is palpable.

At the meeting, the initial deadlines for the start-up of the works were put on the table. Herce, in tune with Oviedo, promised to submit an urban modification document within a maximum period of two months in order to start the project, which will require a small, “surgical” partial plan modification, according to municipal and Oviedo sources. . The City Council, in turn, promised to respond favorably within a period of another two months and also to give as much agility as possible. All parties are optimistic about the deadlines and showed a good predisposition. Political will, agreed all those present, will be key to give the greatest possible agility to the urban processing.

Pachuca and the Herce Group closed the agreement for the sports city in February after months of negotiations and taking advantage of the visit of Jesús Martínez, who personally met Paco Rubio and gave his approval to the option of Latores after discarding other land. Days later, the agreement was established on Latores’ own land, which covers about ten hectares, is next to Tensi and about five minutes from Tartiere by car.


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