Summary of the match Chivas vs América (2-4). GOALSHalftime

The mariachis were silent in the 185th edition of the National Classicwho took the America to the sound of 4-2 over Chivas, in a night to forget for the rojiblancos, who couldn’t get their hands on it in the first half. In addition to the dance, the Águilas took the Guadalajara from the direct classification zone to the Liguilla.

America went 4-0

A double of jonathan rodriguez and two other good goals from Henry Martin and Leo Suarez they put on a good show on the field at Akron Stadium; with this, the Eagles get into the top 4 by reaching 23 pointsChivas moves away by staying with 21 units.

It was a terrifying first half for Chivas, who He did little and they scored three goalsthanks to an Americanist offensive that looked intractable on Guadalajara soil.

Being a visitor, the América came out with everything on the field of Akron Stadium and attacked mercilessly, which is why they took a difference of three goals at half time.

Diego Valdés sent the first warning just after minute 1 when he crashed the ball into the post, in a play in which the Cabecita left him the opportunityand the Chilean tested himself in front of the goal of Miguel Jimenez; eight minutes later it was Emilio Lara, who also searched, shot and his shot did not go well either.

The third was good for América, which at 16′ Cabecita ordered to save in a good play azulcrema. Those who know got together and Leo Suárez put the ball to Valdés, who took advantage of what Rodríguez passed him, and now with the round, the Uruguayan used his great technique to score 1-0 at Akron Stadium.

Chivas responded and Roberto Alvarado released a shot that landed on a corner kick. The problem was that Luis Ángel Malagón stretched and deflected him for a corner kick.

Who did not fail was Rodríguezwho at 37′ made it 2-0 by crowning a good play in which he leaned on Henry Martin; the current Liga MX scorer returned the wall and the Cabecita inside the area was lethal to increase the advantage.

Before the break, Suárez made it 3-0 at 42′ When Rodríguez put the ball in the area for Valdés, who released the shot and it bounced off the Guadalajara defense, it was when the Argentine had it and volleyed it to make the situation more than complicated for Chivas and with a 3-goal disadvantage just in the first half.

Starting the second half, Martín made his 11th goal of the tournament by finishing off with a header inside the 53′ area and thus making it 4-0. Great play on the right of Emilio Lara, who left the ball in the head of the Yucatecan, that counting on the bad mark of Gilberto Sepúlveda did not fail; His celebration was controversial when he did it like Cuauhtémoc Blanco, pretending to urinate like a dog, and for that he was reprimanded.

Goals for Chivas in the National Classic

Chivas was able to get close to 62′ when Lara scored in his own goal when he wanted to give Malagón the ball It was centered for Víctor Guzmán, but he carried a lot of strength and the cream-blue goalkeeper could not save it and thus it was 4-1.

Guadalajara got closer on the scoreboard when Sergio Flores put the 4-2 lead at 72′ with a header, in a ball that he put in the same way, Daniel Ríos, behind the center of Fernando Beltrán. It was requested out of place that was reviewed in the VAR and it was considered good.

In the final part, Martín hit a header that went over the top and later left the field, the damage was done and America got a big win in Guadalajara.​



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