Stumbling over a rape case, Achraf Hakimi was sued for divorce by the world’s sexiest actress

Tuesday, March 7 2023 – 20:12 WIB

LIVE BALL – A big problem is being faced by the PSG star, Achraf Hakimi is in trouble. Apart from tripping over a rape case, the 24-year-old player’s household is also in danger of falling apart.

Reported by Marca, Hakimi has been sued for divorce by his wife who is known as the sexiest actress in the world, Hiba Abouk. Hiba even submitted the process a few weeks ago.

The rape case that Hakimi experienced was actually not the reason Hiba filed for divorce. Both now have a different vision of life.

Hakimi arrived alone at the FIFA awards night event in Paris, France on February 27, 2022. He was not accompanied by his wife and became the media’s attention.

The presence of Achraf Hakimi because he was selected in the ranks of the 11 best players in the FIFA Fifpro World XI 2022. The absence of Hiba Abouk at the award night is a strong indication that this pair is having problems.

Hiba Abouk has deleted several photos with Hakimi on Instagram. His last upload was on February 26 2022, while on vacation with his child in Dubai.

Hakimi Rape Allegation


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