Steph Curry’s viral video: “It’s confirmed, he will join…”

With Stephen Curry slowly approaching retirement, Golden State must continue to surround him as they should in order to fight for the title as long as possible. This is why recent images of the Chef with a superstar have caused a lot of talk…

It’s a fact, the Warriors have no room for error against Rudy Gobert’s Timberwolves. With the end of the regular season fast approaching, Stephen Curry & co. are 6th in their conference but the West is a real pocket handkerchief. Only half a victory separates them from the Top 4, but their lead over their pursuers is not huge either and the slightest defeat can be paid for in cash.

That’s why the recent win over the Sixers by a Joel Embiid monstrous did as much good to the men of Steve Kerr, who were able to resist the onslaught of the Cameroonian pivot. A handsome player, the Cameroonian came to greet his evening opponents after the final whistle. A sequence that made the rounds of social networks in a very short time:

Fans on fire after Curry and Joel Embiid trade

On paper, nothing special here since he only exchanges a few words with Curry and Kerr. But it did not take more for Internet users to revive the rumor machine and some already see The Process rallying the Bay, if Philly still fails in the quest for the title. Between him and Baby Face, the Dubs would hold there a shock duo which would absolutely not displease the Californian supporters:

Guess who wants to join the Warriors lol

It’s confirmed

Joel Embiid at the Warriors? The prospect would be absolutely terrifying, but it is hard to see this scenario becoming reality. The Sixers will certainly not be ready to let go of their best player against such a competitor, especially if it is to see him evolve with Stephen Curry!


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