Spalletti and Milan, a story of great numbers and old challenges

Three times against in 17 days, and they’ll make 40 in 27 years. Spalletti and Milan is already his longest history as a coach. Now it will also become the most important. Remember, tell. But above all now a bulletin board to fill. The legacy of the Scudetto, the semi-final of the Champions League, Napoli-Milan 1, 2 and 3 which is worth much more than the past. They will be full of passion and motivation. The blue of the championship and the red and black from inside or outside Europe. The big break. And the wait that is yes to live but also to deceive; evoking numbers, facts and old challenges. From that first time in Empoli in ’96 to the three dream nights on the way. Then anxiety was Baggio, now Leao. Cappellini scored then. Now they dominate Kvara and Osimhen.

Spalletti’s balance sheet against Milan

Milan is not only the team that Spalletti has faced the most. Among the big teams, she is also the one against which he has the highest points average. AND Pioli is the coach, among those crossed at least ten times, against whom he did better. But the best of the best is now. And these are Napoli-Milan. In the plural. Because everyone matters.


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