Sony Pictures organizes a self-defense class on the occasion of the movie ‘The King Woman’ | brands

The premiere on digital platforms of the new film by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment España,‘The King Woman’, has arrived with a special action organized by the MPC agency: a self-defense class.

Inspired by the plot of the film -the real story of a woman belonging to the Dahomey African women’s army who fought against the colonialist invasion- a masterclass was proposed with Maria Cabas, winner of the Spanish Judo Cup. In order to access this workshop, a contest was launched on the social networks of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Spain to attend this class.

The appointment was at the Instituto de Artes Marciales DDE Madrid and the attendees learned valuable self-defense techniques based on the film, which they can apply in their personal lives to face any challenge that comes their way and follow in the footsteps of Nanisca (Viola Davis), the protagonist of ‘The King Woman’.


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