Smoleňák has a big mouth, points out Nedomlel from Liberec. Breaking hockey sticks? Flight!

How extraordinary is the series waiting for you personally?

Whenever you play against the team where you worked, you want to pull yourself out. Of course, I am motivated in every match, now it will be all the more spicy. And as I know Rosy (Rosandič), Zachy (Zachar), I think it will be quite spicy for them too. But I will play my game to the best of my ability to help the team succeed.

Former Liberec player Marek Zachar said that emotions will be there, that Liberec has a few players who like to provoke. On the other hand, who would you from Hradec draw attention to?

It’s clear to whom! (laughs) We all know that Radek Smoleňák has a big mouth.

He got under Liberci’s skin five years ago, when he scored three winning goals in the quarter-finals.

Well, five years is five years, but of course he is experienced, plays well in front of goal and knows how to use his mouth.

I’ll keep that to myself. (smiles) But I don’t think it’s Smoly’s first year here. Whoever it is, we have an experienced team, the guys know what and how. We will focus on our game to give 100 percent and whatever happens, happens.

The series is spicy also because of the event at the end of the year, when Hradečtí broke your team’s hockey sticks on their ice. How did this happen?

I dont know at all. Somehow it came about, but those are questions from the past, we have slowly forgotten that. Just a fling, I wouldn’t deal with it at all. The playoffs are here now and you should all be fired up. I think they will.

And did it surprise you then from your former teammates?

At first I didn’t even see it, only then on the recording. It’s funny, but I probably wouldn’t take it any further.

Who are you in touch with from Mountfield?

With Bohumil Janek. We are very good friends. We are in contact regarding hockey, but also outside of it.

Why did you leave Hradec at your own request in November last year?

I wouldn’t comment on that, I wouldn’t deal with it. It’s past. Now here is the present and the future in Liberec, that’s the only thing I’m concentrating on.

Is it true that after the season you return to Hradec, where you still have a contract for another year?

No, it doesn’t apply. I have a contract there, but no comment. I am here now, I have some work to do here and I will do it here.

You won the Radegast index for the main part and in the preliminary round you were the best in this regard. How did the series with Pilsen hurt?

I feel like the pucks are getting harder… or the players have a better shot. It’s part of my game, I’m not a playboy with the puck. I do what I can do, what I am here for, and I try to fulfill it one hundred and ten percent.

How do you best regenerate?

It’s best to ice it right away and move it slowly the next day.

In the playoffs, the games come quickly, is it difficult to get together quickly?

Of course, you don’t have that much time, but I’ve always said I’d rather play than train. This suits me quite well.

Do you ever take a pain pill?

It depends on when. When I sometimes get hit by a sensitive spot, sometimes they are needed, but mostly not.


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