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Yiyi Gymnasium was founded in 2008, and it has been consistent for 8 years. The coach is a retired sports member of the national professional team, and the curator Gao Jianhua is the president of the Chengdu Judo Association. In 2016, Sichuan Yidaoguan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established and opened 6 branches including the global flagship store. It is a professional gymnasium mainly engaged in judo and taekwondo training in Chengdu. Since its establishment, it has been committed to promoting Judo; Taekwondo culture. Carry forward Judo; Taekwondo spirit. At the same time, it also provides a learning and communication platform for Judo and Taekwondo enthusiasts. The Gymnasium has complete facilities and a suitable environment. The coach is serious and responsible; professional and excellent. The head coach of a professional teacher team in Yiyi Gymnasium has trained professionally for the women’s judo team of the national team for 13 years. He is currently a top referee with rich teaching experience, a unique understanding and love for judo, and excellent professional knowledge! Numerous judo and taekwondo enthusiasts have been trained! The purpose of Yiyi Gymnasium is to promote, develop, and popularize, and to provide the whole people with orthodox fitness exercises that are beneficial to the body and mind!

Company name: Sichuan Yidaoguan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Company address: Sichuan Yidaoguan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

Company name: Sichuan Yidaoguan Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Location: Sichuan
Business Type: Business Unit
Business model: manufacturer
Number of employees: 50-99 people


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